Signing off November 1st, 2020

After The Meeting will not be available after November 1st.

We started this journey over 10 years ago with the simple notion that people don’t follow through after meetings. Ten years later so much as has changed, yet follow through still remains a challenge. Luckily, there are many wonderful tools going after this problem.

We thank you for journeying with us and trusting us with your action items and meeting promises. Please use the next 30 days to select and migrate to another platform. We wish you and your endeavors all the best.

As a company, Inspiration Labs is still in operation but we have decided to pursue another mission:

Helping people identify and live their music.

If this appeals to you, stay tuned.

- Scott Hilton-Clarke

Are meetings wasting your time?

Are people doing what they said they would do?

With After the Meeting, you can easily and effectively track action items assigned in a meeting.

After the Meeting helps you...

Organize your meetings

screenshot of a meeting page

Set meeting agendas—and stick to them. All your meeting notes are captured and shared in one place.

Track tasks and
status updates

screenshot of meeting actions

Easily capture meeting minutes. Keep tasks and status updates visible, so no one forgets what was asked of them.

Ensure critical tasks
are completed

screenshot of making a formal commitment

Trouble with deadlines? For critical items, raise the stakes by making formal commitments.

Follow up with an “After Meeting” Report

screenshot of the After Meeting Report

Find out how effective that meeting really was. Follow up with an “After Meeting Report”

“Meeting minutes, next steps and follow-ups are no longer a hassle in our small company. It is a quick way to generate value by improving the outcome of weekly meetings.”

—Levent Gultan, General Manager, Magnet Digital, Turkey

“After using After the Meeting for a few days I have found that it provides a critical missing link for those who get tired of meetings, conference calls and even conversations that fail to produce results. Using the program ensures that nothing that happens in a group conversation falls through the cracks, and this makes it an essential tool for tracking deliverables large and small. If there’s a job you have to get done, then this is an essential companion!”

—Francis Wade, President of Framework Consulting

“There are plenty of ways to track to do items. After the Meeting is the first tool I've found that actually helps people follow through on these lists. Instant accountability for me and my team.”

—Mike Anderson, Vice President, Operations at Enterprise Mobile