A meeting tool…

Easy Meeting Setup

State the purpose of your meeting. Set the time (or simply default to “now”). Add attendees, and you're good to go!

Have a weekly staff meeting? Or a follow up to last week's brainstorming session? With one click, you can “roll-forward” a previous meeting, including attendees and open action items.

Bring Order to Your Meetings

Get to the point, quicker! After the Meeting provides a lightweight structure to ensure your meetings have

For during a meeting, we've designed an easy, structured way to collect:

No more scattered notes and email threads

Are meeting notes locked up in someone's desktop or buried in email threads? Because it's a Web based solution, everyone benefits from easy access to centralized Meeting notes.

Afraid of adding a new tool? After the Meeting works with your existing email accounts so that you never forget an action item. We even send reminders and ask for status updates to improve team communications.

to help with what happens after the meeting:

Reduce Meeting Time Spent on Status Updates

What was said? Did John agree to do that? What was the decision? When will it be done?

With After the Meeting, it's easy to track the success of your meeting. You can:

  • Review notes and decisions made
  • Follow up on requests
  • Make sure things get done!

Encourage Effective Follow-up

If something is really important, make it a formal commitment. We've designed a system to encourage people to follow through on the things they agree to do. We provide a neutral environment in which two people can negotiate the details of a request.

Quantify Meeting Effectiveness

That's right. Quantify/objectify how much of your meetings are a waste of your and your company's time.

We'll show you:

  • Complete meeting minutes
  • Individual task/action item progress
  • Overall Meeting Task/action items status
  • Individual performance (completing assignments/tasks)
  • Team performance in meeting set goals

Motivate the Team

“Why do so many people fail to do what they say they will do?”

This is the question that fuels much of After the Meeting. We designed this tool based on research into what motivates people. With After the Meeting, you're using a system designed to reinforce good habits and productive behaviors.